3 Tips To Water Your Plants & Keep Them Alive


We all know having a green thumb isn’t the easiest thing to master! We also know that being a plant lady is truly the new cat lady sooo if this saying serves me right, we’re all dying to get our hands on the newest plants of the season, AND keep them alive as longgg as possible.

*Sidenote what are your favorite plants this season? I’m loving the olive tree trend ohhh and the fiddle leaf fig, of course (see above), are there any you absolute love that I should know about? Share it in the comments.

Ok back to how we can nurture our plants and finally have the green thumb we’ve always wanted. Here are three of my most favorite tips to keep our plants alive and T H R I V I N G.

3 Tips To Water Your Plants & Keep Them Alive

  1. Water them SPARINGLY…wait until the soil is completely dry on that top layer. I was always watering them here and there throughout the week thinking they needed a little water every few days…nope. I was just killing them slowly. A true easy test is to stick a pencil down into the soil & if it comes out dry it’s time to water. If it comes out with soil clinging to it, give it a few more days.

  2. Water in the shower. THIS tip is my most favorite. Gather all your plant babies, put them in the tub & run the shower right over them. Make sure the water is at a medium temperature, not scalding hot but also not freezing cold. I leave the water running for about 60-90 seconds or until the water is running out the bottom of each plant. This makes watering your plants SUPER easy (you don’t have to be running around your house refilling your pitcher every minute), or holding some plants over the sink, etc.


3.Wipe the leaves. After you run the shower over the plants, take a cloth & quickly wipe the leaves down. You don’t want to leave the water dripping off the leaves or let the plant air dry. This can cause root rot or basically molding of the plant. What I learned recently though is many plants take in water from their leaves as well as their roots…we’ve been neglecting the leaves this whole time! I just use a reusable microfiber cloth and give them a good wipe down.


I hope these tips turn your black thumb green and keep your beloved plant babies alive and well! Don’t forget share with me any of your favorite plants in the comments, my plants need some friends (although Chris might totally disagree…he will probably nag all about it in his #naggingwifeblog post)🙈.