Remodeling 101: How Much Does The Average Remodel Cost?

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We’re back with a new series dedicated to answering all of the most common questions and misconceptions in the remodeling & home design world. Over the last nine months in business we have heard the same questions and misconceptions come up again and again, specifically relating to clients ‘BIG VISION‘.

Now, we love a big vision just as much as the next person BUT the overall consensus from our clients is that HGTV has really led us astray! It honestly breaks our hearts when clients connect with us on their big vision for their space and their budget doesn’t reflect anything close to the true average remodel price.

Chris and I got to talking and realized sharing these numbers is one of the most important things we can do to help our potential/ prospective clients better understand how the numbers correlate to their vision (at least in a general sense). Keep in mind there are many factors that come into play when pricing the job (current structure, vision, material selections, etc.) but it still helps to know the typical average cost!

Average Kitchen Remodel Price

Minor: Up to $30k

This could be installing backsplash, painting existing cabinets, installing new hardware, adding new lighting, all non invasive, small cosmetic projects.

Mid-range: $30k-$50k

This could be new countertops (depending on material selection), new cabinets, new hardware, replacing sink/ faucets.

Major: $50k+

This could be changing layout of kitchen, new appliances, replacing cabinets, new countertops, new lighting, new faucet/ sink, new flooring, painting, etc.

Average Bathroom Remodel Price

Minor: Up to $20k

This could be replacing the vanity, replacing the toilet, new paint, replacing the flooring (the key is that plumbing isn’t moving, things are simply being removed, replaced & updated) this does not include updating the tub.

Mid-range: $20k-30k

This could be minor changes to the layout but basically everything could get replaced and updated, this includes a tub with tile surround.

Major remodel: $30k+

This could be a full gut of the space, back to the studs, new flooring, vanity, etc. plumbing could or could not be moved, tile shower with glass & or freestanding tub.

We know these numbers could feel overwhelming or discouraging but the goal of this post is to share the real average price so everyone can feel informed & educated. We hope this helps you get a financial feel for any visions you might have for your space!

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-Lauren & Chris