Remodeling 101: Why We Don't JUST Provide Quotes

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We’re back with another Remodeling 101! Thank you guys for the love on our previous post all about the average remodel price. It’s so crazy how some TV shows can warp our idea of what a remodel should cost, isn’t it?! If you haven’t read our last post, hop back over there, here.

Now to our next remodeling 101 topic:

Why We Don’t Just Provide Quotes or “Bids”

We know the usual thought process for most people about construction and remodeling or any building work really is the idea that most businesses provide quotes. While this is true for us, we do it a bit differently.

We provide quotes only to clients who want to work with US. We do this because we pride ourselves on working for clients who have seen our work or know us as people and want to hire us because they love what we do and who we are. Not just because we provide a service they might need. We believe forming a relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance. We want to get to know you and help you create your space as a reflection of the person or family you are.

This work takes real communication and connection above and beyond us providing you a service. We believe many people can build a home or create a space, but not everyone can make it enjoyable, respectful, and timely for their clients. We do both. We know that this model is a bit different from what some have seen before but we’re proud to offer it. We believe this model allows us to work with clients who feel like friends and in-turn allows you to receive the best possible product!

All of this being said we want to be clear. We help our potential clients as much as we possibly can, nurturing that relationship from the moment you inquiry with us. Our process is as follows.

Step 1: inquiry with OCH

Step 2: Share photos of your space

Step 3: Set up a time for a phone consultation to talk more in depth about your vision, budget, timeline, feasibility, etc. On this call we will do our best to share a rough estimate for this space (if the project allows).

Step 4: After our phone conversation we will email you over the details from our call including this rough estimate of ball parked project costs.

If this ballpark budget feels good for you then we will set up a time to come out for an in-home consultation to begin the process of nailing down firm details, timelines, and visions. Only after this consult do we take the next step to collect estimates from subcontractors, pull together material costs, etc. to give you a full quote for the job.

We hope this post helps share a bit about why we structure our model this way and gives some insight on the process.

Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email to with any questions!

Lauren + Chris