Stock Tank Pool Q&A


Hi friends!

First and foremost thank you for all of your kind comments on our fun Stock Tank DIY Post. If you haven’t read it yet, click back there and take a peek, it tells you step by step how to create a backyard pool that looks much cuter than the inflatable ones for under $550! Since creating the pool we have had many of the same question over and over again on social so we thought we would dedicate a whole blog post to answering the FAQ’s incase you want to tackle this project!

Let’s hop right into your questions

Question 1: What was the total cost?

In total it was $550 including the stock tank, the paint, the hole saw, the input & output, the filter, the cords, the chlorine tabs/ bobber & the solar cover. Not included, 3 days of long hard work painting, sanding, leveling the ground, cutting the holes, the filters & filling it.

Question 2: Where did you get it?

Tractor Supply in Greenland, NH but you can get it from any tractor supply store

Question 3: What inspired you to put one in your yard?

We both had pools growing up and love being able to enjoy the water after a long day, given where we live heading to the beach after work everyday isn’t super convenient (we’re only 30 minutes but the convenience of a pool in your backyard is KEY). ALSO we didn’t want the maintenance of a large pool. I found this DIY and we were sold. I love that it’s only 3 ft deep, more of a soaking pool than a swimming pool, less to clean, a more reasonable budget for us & it looks super cute.

Question 4: Is there an option for saltwater instead of fresh?

I’m not sure how the salt water would react to the aluminum of the tank. I haven’t seen any DIY’s with salt water.

Question 5: What is on the ground under the pool?

Grass! Well & sand to level the pool. You want to make sure whatever space you’re putting it on, the ground is completely level.

Question 6: Is it sharp inside?

No it isn’t sharp, there are seams where the aluminum was welded together but they’re not harmful. We have brought chairs in the pool if you don’t want to sit on the aluminum bottom.

Question 7: Do you need a ladder to get in?

No, it’s only 3 ft tall, you just step over into the pool

Question 8: What will you do during the winter?

Drain the water & put a cover on top.

Question 9: What are you doing for a cover?

Currently we’re using a solar cover to trap the heat at night, once winter comes we will purchase a large round patio table cover!

Question 10: Can you paint the inside?

NO, I read many DIY’s on this and no one suggests it because the paint even if waterproof will begin to chip and ruin the pool water!

Question 11: How does it filter?

Just the same as any other above ground pool, with a filter & input & output valves!

Question 12: Where is the leaf float from?

It’s from amazon, HERE is the link!

If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments and we’ll answer them!

Lauren & Chris