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To us, Otter Creek Homes is more than a small business creating spaces for families but a brand that evokes balance, coziness, connection & inclusion. When we help clients create their space the main focus is always on transforming their space into a place they long to come home to. A space that affords them the luxury of slow moments with the ones they love most.

When we created OCH we always had a vision for this idea to expand farther and wider than the four walls of our clients homes. We knew right from the get-go that helping people feel comfortable, safe, supported & connected was going to radiate out of every area of this business.


Crafting & designing is at the center of what we do but it isn’t lost on us that hiring someone to transform space in this way isn’t always within everyone’s means.

BUT, a workshop can be.

We created these workshops to give each person in attendance a small slice of what we do, that they can take home with them.

A flower wreath workshop to liven up your home.

A candle making workshop to balance your space with scent.

A calligraphy workshop to expand your creativity.

A foodscapes workshop to hone your foodie skills.


These workshops create opportunities for all people to LOVE the place they call home. To connect with likeminded people and create community. We pride ourselves on featuring other small businesses who too value creation, connection & community at their center.

The topic is always different but focuses solely on the home. Join us for our quarterly workshops in our favorite small town, Dover, NH.

We can’t wait to meet you! Learn more here.


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