Interested in working with us but want us to give you the lowdown first?!

Here’s a list of our most frequently asked questions & our best answers. If this doesn’t do it, shoot us an email to & we will get back to you with an answer ASAP.


how does this process work?

First things first, submit an inquiry on our contact form and then head over to our services page & scroll down to ‘How Does It Work” we explain the step by step process in detail right there!

once i fill out the contact form what happens next?

We connect with you via email asking for any inspiration you might have and some photos of your current space. This helps us get a better idea of your current space and what you’re looking for before our phone consultation.

do you provide quotes?

Yes, but only after we have had a phone consultation, provided you with a rough estimate & have come for an in-home consultation.

do you offer in-home consultations?

Yes we do for an in-home consultation fee of $250. We first connect on a phone consultation, provide you with a rough estimate and if you’re ready to move forward only then do we come out for an in-home consultation.

who will actually be working on my project?

This depends upon the project at hand. Chris, Luke & Lucas (two of our team members) will be the faces you see everyday on the job. Lauren will work with you on all things design as well as be your point person behind the scenes connecting through email, coordinating material selections & payment.

can i hire you just for design services?

Yes, most definitely. We offer the full package of design and build but we work independently as well. Do you have a home you’re building from the ground up, already have a contractor but need a designer? Do you want to put the finishing touches on your home (new or lived in) but don’t need any remodeling work? We are here for you! Lauren works helping families and business owners redesign their spaces independent of any remodeling. If you’re looking for a revamp to your space take a peek at our Room Refresh option OR Shoot her an email to . She would be honored to work with you!

how long do projects normally take?

This really depends upon the project at hand, the material selections added as well as your schedule. We like to accommodate our clients schedules as often as we can, scheduling out the project when you won’t be in need of the space. Timelines truly depend on scope & complexity but during the rough estimate phase we will definitely go over this!

what if i don’t live in seacoast nh but want to work with you?

Don’t fret! We offer E-Design services to clients anywhere in the US (let alone world). We love offering our design services to clients looking for a designer to bring on to a project they already have going or work with them start to finish on a project concept. Head over to our contact page & fill out the form specifying ‘interior design’. If you’re looking for something smaller and have a question or two about your space take a peek at our Room Refresh.

what if i don’t want to fully remodel my space but am looking for a refresh?

Trust us. Paint, new hardware & a few new material selections can go a LONG way! We’re always here for a good refresh. We actually love these simple design projects so much we created a whole package dedicated to JUST a refresh of your existing space. Head on over to our Room Refresh page to read more!